About our School

RonPaul_University_HairNails_LogoThe course of study offered at RON PAUL UNIVERSITY of Hair & Nails is a full 1500 hour cosmetology course. Our course offers every subject required by the Virginia State Board of Cosmetology. We also offer a series of Career Development classes, which includes effective communication skills, human relations, product knowledge, retail salesmanship, team building exercises, self-image, fashion, and business. We schedule guest speakers on subjects such as aromatherapy, salon environment and salon issues. Our cosmetology course covers units in both practical and theory application. Students are given experience in receptionist and dispensary duties throughout their course.

Our Objective: To provide students with preparation to take the state board exam. To prepare students with knowledge and skills to be eligible for entry level employment in the cosmetic art field. To teach students to communicate effectively in order to build a strong clientele in the work force.